9 Things You Should Know About A River Cruise

That Will Be A Pleasant Surprise!

by Gail Hutchins

Staying Fit

Love staying active and want to keep your fitness goals while on vacation? Hooray for you! You can partake in a fitness class, use the TRX equipment and join wellness activities. A yoga class on the rooftop deck offers an atmosphere you won’t find at home. Keep your step meter charged because taking in the sights means taking on some steps. You might choose to climb the ruins of the Dürnstein Castle (1,023 feet straight up) in the Austrian Wachau Valley or go on a 22-mile bike ride between the towns of Melk and Krems. All good on the stay fit while vacationing plan. A gratifying way to balance no guilt later when enjoying delicious full-course meals or having a pastry or two!

Farm to Table Dining

Vacation usually means that food will be a highlighted part of the trip. Vacation dining is a part of the good memories that you’ll reflect upon later. On a river cruise, you’ll be pleased with not having to search out a restaurant and make reservations after a busy day filled with sightseeing experiences and activities. Relax and enjoy a meal specially planned for you aboard your river cruise ship. Meals that reflect the area specialties are served to you by an attentive crew in fine fashion. The Chef’s Table dining option offers a presentation that will please your eyes and palette.

Signature Cocktails

Meet your fellow cruise guests and try a new cocktail during the complimentary cocktail time. Yes, I did say complimentary. That vodka pear martini has a refreshing sound to it!

Bring it Aboard!

Yes, you can bring your favorite whiskey or bottles of wine aboard your river cruise ship Cocktails in your cabin. No problem.

No Sickness Worries

On the rivers, you’re not dealing with ocean waves and currents. Your chances are much smaller of getting motion sickness on river cruises because there’s less motion. Most times, both shorelines will be visible as you sail along.

Pack-Unpack Once

No schlepping luggage from one location to another for you! On a river cruise, you could visit 5 countries and only have to unpack once.

Great Port Accessibility

A river cruise vessel docks right in the heart of some of the world’s greatest cities and towns which means you can walk straight off the vessel and into town. Spend time as you like either, doing the included activity that escorts you to world-famous landmarks or stroll off on your own to enjoy priceless together time. You’ll feel able to easily do things your way with your home away from home docked center of the city.

Dinner or After Dinner Evenings Ashore

Dinner in town or an after-dinner stroll is possible when your ship has an overnight port of call. Have a restaurant you are dying to try? Check your itinerary the have the crew assist with restaurant reservations and transportation suggestions.  The ultimate luxury of having” Time” doesn’t go unnoticed on a river cruise.

Exceptional Personalized Service

River Cruise ships have 200 or fewer passengers, which puts the passenger to crew ratio in a place that equates to exceptional personalized service. The crew is welcoming in every way and soon will be addressing you by your name. Your preferences will be second nature to them. Your coffee will arrive just how you like it. Their desire to exceed expectations is a goal they plan to attain. After this kind of attention, you may never want to return home!

River cruising is addicting. Cruise once, and you’ll be hooked and ready to plan the next one.

I’m sure this river cruise talk has you taking your suitcase out of your closet! Seriously, if you are considering a river cruise for your next journey? Contact us for more river cruise insights.

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