Hello I’m Gail- 

A "people person" is a friendly, outgoing, and a gregarious person with good communication skills. Yes, that describes me!

For me, the best part about being a travel agent is the people I get to meet. I find it tremendously rewarding and an honor to help people travel and feel what it can do for their lives.

I love hearing about their experiences. I’ve had the great pleasure of developing relationships with my clients that have become long-lasting friendships and knowing that I helped make their travel planning effortless and their Travel Dreams a Reality!

I’m glad to have a chance for us to get to know each other!

My Story

My dad was a career military man. Being part of a military family had a positive impact on my life and my attitudes. It made me adaptable and open-minded about people, places, and differences. I believe that travel is a fundamental aspect of my nature and that the early part of my life is when my relationship with it began.

I was like a bee attracted to honey when a job as an Educational Travel Planner caught my attention. I felt that my background and my degree in education would befit the job qualification.

I had no idea what the job entailed or what road it world put my life on!


Well, a travel agency had partnered with a company developing a new concept that combined education programs with travel, and so my Travel Career-Love Relationship began.

It was exciting being a part of this endeavor at its inception and seeing us grow at a vigorous pace.

I relished being able to learn about destinations first-hand. In Australia a harbour walk presented magnificent views of the wonderous, Sydney Opera House. It had a way of working up my appetite, which was satisfied by delicious fish and chips from the local Sydney Fish Market.

My Australia experience wouldn't have been complete without going to Cairns and out on the Great Barrier Reef to snorkeling the teal water of the worlds largest coral reef. New Zealand offered an experience to watch the Māori men dance the haka then in Scandinavia tasting herring and reindeer is about as Scandinavian as it gets!

Seeing how travel transformed my life and my clients lives in so many positive ways was enlightening.

My conviction to always continue to grow and learn told me it was time for me to spread my wings, and with that

It's a place where I have the freedom to spend quality time with a limited number of clients crafting delightful trips. It's where I make each person feel unique and them realize that my focus is on their preferences and needs.

It's where the heart of what I do, is abundantly returned by satisfied travelers.

All Seasons Travel began.

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More than a love of travel is needed to be an exceptional travel planner.

The travel industry is a complicated, ever-changing creature

My Promise

Being well-traveled provides a wealth of practical travel experiences. Product knowledge and expertise are the skills required to be an outstanding travel agent. Id be delighted to provide you with travel planning solutions and eliminate all of the hurdles.

I promise you that I have both the travel experience and decades of expertise required to handle all the travel logistics and make the trip a one-of-a-kind experience. I like everyone to have the opportunity to feel what travel can bring to their lives. Fulfilling your travel desires is guaranteed to speak to your heart. It would be my pleasure-to help you make your travel dreams-become realities!

- Gail

Let’s Explore the Possibilities Together!

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A Glimpse at Gail’s Memorables


Most Memorable Trip

Italys Amalfi Coast & Heres Why. Charming Sorrento, Lovely Capri, Vibrant City of Naples. It was the first time I had traveled with Dave, my now-husband. You learn a lot about a person when you travel together. I subconsciously knew traveling together would be a relationship test. Our trip was stupendo! When we were on the plane coming home, he asked me, well, did I pass the test? I guess he knew that travel was a big part of my life and that this trip was his initiation. Test Passed, Married & Happy Travelers!

Favorite Vacation Activity

Striking up a conversation with someone from the area that includes them telling me about their favorite place for a refreshing cocktail and a bite of food.

If I can walk to it and it has a stunning view, I'll be in heave


Future Dream Trip

There Is No Way I Have Just One!

Tahiti (My husband’s license plate say TAHITI. I think it’s his idea of a subtle hint?). African Safari-Christmas River Cruise. I hope the list continues. Always!


"If Im an advocate for anything, its to move, as far as you can, as much as you can, across the ocean or simply across the river. Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. Its a plus for everybody."

- Anthony Bourdain

Rescue Me! Stories

Expired Passport

Rescue - Managed to get my solo gentleman traveler to a consulate to renew his passport during a plane change. Rescheduled his flights, caught him up with his tour without him missing a beat. That put a smile on his face.

South Pacific-Bucket List Trip that is non-refundable and has no travel insurance. After much passport conversation, on the day before his flight, my eighty-year-old young client collects his expired passport from his bank box.


9/11 Stranded at the Airport in Italy

Rescue-A group of lovely ladies had finished their tour of Italy and were at the airport for a return flight home when 9/11 happened.

Found comfortable accommodations for them while they waited to learn more about what was happening.

Sorted out their canceled flights, monitored in-demand replacement flights until I finally got them safely and happily home


Covid-19 Travel Cancellations

Rescue- Secured client refunds and credit due to Covid forced cancellation.

Made new reservations for clients when they were ready and anxious to travel again. Kept track of traveler’s credits.

Notified them when the destination opened for reschedule their vacations


My Top 3 Travel Tips


Pack Your Patience and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


Time to Step Back, Be Present & Take in the Moment


Pack Less but Never Travel Without Comfortable Shoes

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