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These are my specialties and, I especially love sharing my expertise about them.
Returning guests have a smile on their face and, the smile on my face tells you how good that makes me feel.

However, I'm passionate and well versed with small ship ocean cruising, river cruising, and group travel planning.

River & Ocean Cruising

I would love to share with you the rewards of small ship cruising.

Whether its on a river cruise or a small ship ocean cruise, going small offers a uncomplicated port access, deeper connection to the destinations and allows for more time to explore and more opportunities to connect and engage on a deeper level.

All the details are taken care of for you and, you will still have plenty of time to go off the beaten path. They are the perfect peanut butter and jelly combination of established activities and free time

Going on a small cruise provides for more relationships with your traveling companions, yourself, and the people you meet.

Youll feel the genuine warmth of the international crew that will get to know you and is enthusiastic to fulfilling your every need. Its a travel style for those who have reached a point in life where they like having things done for them.

Cruising small, youll enjoy attentive service, thoughtful amenities, and lots of memorable surprises.



Time to come abroad and make memories you'll cherish for years to come.

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Small Ship Ocean Cruising

There are many places to see while on a small ship ocean cruise,
and going small means you'll do it with less than 1,000 other guests.

Fewer Crowds and Lots of Charm describe small ship cruising perfectly. With small ship ocean cruising, reaching inaccessible locations is what makes them truly great! They are cruises that create immersive local itineraries that come alive. Ponder, stepping off the ship into the world of the Mediterranean where you join an Italian family in their Tuscan countryside home, and you make pasta using their secret recipe.

Small Ship Ocean Cruising Focuses on Making Your Cruise Personal and Effortless!

Let your thoughts drift to Japan, where you are dressed in a kimono sipping tea. Picture the natural beauty of the teal waters of French Polynesia islands, where at sunset, you hop on a jet boat for an exhilarating ride. Imagine shopping at Paris St-Germain/6th. The excitement of being in the cities best area of boutiques, cafes, brasseries, and going to the famous Cafe de Flore restaurant has your pulse-pounding.

All this while delighting in the comfort of your elegant stateroom and partaking in the deliciousness of exquisite meals!

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River Cruising

A River Cruise is an unforgettable experience. Have the rivers show you the great lands of Europe, Africa, Egypt, Asia, South America, and the United States.

Destinations and experiences abound, allowing you to see numerous countries while only unpacking once. The hospitality extended to the 200 or fewer guests is as welcoming as a dinner invitation to a good friend's home. Your days will flow with relaxation, enlightenment, and adventures as you sail smooth waters. You will appreciate that the TV in the cabin also serves as your internet browser and movie/entertainment center.

It’s a sensational way to see the world!

Excited to see what the port has to offer, your mornings ashore lends itself to a complementary, informative guided walking tour. Not ready to return, you smell pastry and find the picturesque cafe with the spot perfect for people watching. Back onboard your city docked ship, you take in the picture book scenery then contemplate how youll spend the rest of the day. Either soaking up some sun on the deck with your good book, taking a yoga class, going on a bike ride, or venturing off on an optional winery or photography tour are all appealing possibilities before returning for cocktails and dinner, prepared with a local flair by the commanding chef.

This unforgettable journey will stun you with its sophisticated style and service!

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Leave the research and comparisons to an expert. I’ll narrow the scope of decisions and present you with exciting best options. You Deserve to Have Your Travel Dreams Happen!

Choosing the Perfect Cruise Can Be Tricky.

What’s Your Trip of a Lifetime Desire?

It's a fact that having a vacation to anticipate in the future is medically beneficial. Creating a Trip of a Lifetime list can give you a sense of pleasure and, it can be the motivator for you to make your travel ambitions a reality. An online survey by Stanford University School of Medicine of 3,056 people found that 91% had a bucket list. For me, the term, Bucket List has a negative connotation indicating that you go on a big dream trip at the end of your life.

A Trip of a Lifetime list is different. Its an inspiration every day to take action to put your travel dreams in motion. Do you want to put more travel in your life? Are you ready to take action to achieve your list of travel ambitions?

Taking time to enjoy life is important.

Trips of a Lifetime


Hawaiian Islands Pure Paradise

Africa Big 5 Safari

Bora Bora Overwater Bungalow

Churchil Manitoba Polar bear ExpeditioN

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Coastal Road

Australia & New Zealand Down Under

Greece Santorini Cubiform Houses and Famous Sunsets

Peru Machu Picchu Wonder of the Incas

Egypt Giza Pyramids

Thailand Floating Markets

Cuba Havana Beautiful Vintage Cars & Cigar

Spain Unesco Alhambra Palace

The options are endless and so are the adventures!

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“Trip of a Lifetime” Ambitions Happen.

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Group Travel

Have you thought that it would be lovely to travel with others but quickly hesitate thinking, I don't want the responsibility of pulling all that together?

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Group travel is an opportunity to explore with just the right people

Group travel planning can be tricky!

We provide Group Travel Planning for Special Interest Groups and to Small Business Owners.

Do you have a Special Interest Group of friends, family, or acquaintances that you would like to travel with, or are you a Small Business Owner that would like to grow your client loyalty and business?

We provide travel knowledge, answer complicated questions, work out the trip logistics, coordinate the personalities so that group leaders and participants can relax and have a great time!

We’ll get started discussing the exciting prospect of a Group Leader Partnerships.

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